Marine Oils / Marine Diesel Engine Oils

Driven by the demand for maritime transport amidst global economic growth, Marine Oils are essential in protecting various machinery components in marine systems, optimize operations and extend life cycles.

Our Marine Diesel Engine Oils are designed for to give excellent lubrication and performance in different marine engines and components, including low-speed cross-head marine engines, medium and high speed trunk piston engines, stem tube, deck machinery, and other ancillary equipment. The additive system used offers excellent detergent, dispersant, as well as alkalinity retention properties against wear, deposit, and corrosion, hence allowing for continued efficient marine engine operation.

Outboard Motor Oils / 2T Outboard Motor Oils

Outboard Motor, or outboard engines are internal combustion engines that widely used in various applications such as sport and recreation activities, commercial boats, military combats, rescue operations and etc. ADDOIL provides high performance Outboard Motor Oils for use in both 2-stroke (2T) and 4-stroke (4T) engines. With the advanced additive package and synthetic base stocks, our Outboard Motor Oils ensure a stable and smooth operating condition even under high temperatures and loads.