Quality Assurance

All lubricants are made from imported 100% virgin base stocks, with imported additives from World Top 4 Additive Supplier.

Employing USA petrochemical technology, Addoil’s engine oil was approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API) Engine Oil Licensing and Certificate System (licensed number 2237) since 13 June 2005.

Furthermore, our manufacturing process is complying with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards since year 2010.

Routine quality inspections of raw materials, in-process and final production lubricants are conducted regularly to maintain top quality in our lubricants. All products such as synthetic engine oil, motorcycle engine oil, industrial oil manufacturer and many more are filtered before being packed to ensure that products are contamination free

We are driven by the goal to be the best of the best worldwide and is passionately dedicated to customer satisfaction. Therefore, it monitors and maintains its high quality consistently through stringent regulations and processes, to give our customers only the best.

Flasks and beakers of different sizes filled with industrial machine oil