diesel engine oil malaysia

Unleash the Power of Your Engine with High-Quality Diesel Or Synthetic Engine Oils in Malaysia

Automotive oils significantly boost the lifespan of a vehicle by lubricating and protecting various solid moving parts. At ADDOIL, we have developed an extensive range of high quality automotive oils that enhance automotive performance by acting on different levels to ensure extraordinary results.

Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO)

Passenger cars segment, including sports, luxury, family-oriented, small cars, light trucks, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) holds the largest market share for automotive engine oil. With evolving consumer habits and increased demand for engine thermal efficiency and fuel economy boosting technology, our passenger car motor oils are able to meet these industry trends with a diversified product portfolio, supported by innovative contemporary technologies in today’s lubricant world.

Investing in high-quality synthetic motor oil or synthetic engine oil is essential for optimal protection, performance, and lifespan for modern passenger car engines such as Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and turbochargers. Fully synthetic engine oils, semi-synthetic engine oils, and conventional mineral oils are among the popular engine oils in Malaysia that formulated in various quality levels and viscosity grades to ensure your engine operates at its best.

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil (HDDEO)

Meeting API ‘C’ or ‘F’ category requirements, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils are specifically designed for on-road and off-road equipment, heavy-duty truck applications, and diesel engines. Driven by industrial requirements and continued tightening of emission limits, there is increasing demand for performance of heavy-duty diesel engine oils, particularly with respect to oxidation performance, soot dispersancy, improved aeration, and shear stability that enabling emission reduction and longer service interval even under severe operating conditions.

Formulated with the latest lower SAPS additive package and synthetic base oil, our Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils provide outstanding performance in modern, high output and low-emission engines, including those equipped with turbochargers, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), after-treatment systems with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).

Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) & Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

The emergence of newer automotive technologies has led to several reforms in the formulation of transmission fluids. Whether it is served for manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), or the recent electrified vehicle (EVs) drivelines, each transmission fluid has its purpose and new efficiency challenges catering to different performance levels.

ADDOIL has its own diverse range of Transmission Fluids that cater to different transmission specifications and vehicle needs. Blended from premium base stocks and advanced additives systems, our innovative formulation meets the stringent requirements of leading automotive transmission manufacturers from Asian, North American, and European OEMs.

Motorcycle Engine Oils (MCO)

Motorcycles and scooters engine oil products have continued high demand especially in Asia Pacific, owing to the impact of population growth, increasing mobility and rise in vehicle ownership. Advancement in technology by motorcycle OEM engine oils has led to continuous optimization of motorcycle oils and scooters oils. These OEM lubricants not only concern about high fuel efficiency and low oil consumption, but also aim to improve the durability of the engine and emission characteristic.

Motorcycle Engine Oils manufactured by ADDOIL provides outstanding protection against engine wear for all modern high performance motorcycle engines, including Japanese, European, Indian and Chinese made motorcycles.